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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tawanna and I was born and raised (mainly) in Brooklyn, NY. I am a wife and a mother of a handsome thirteen year old son, Jameer, and a beautiful six-year-old daughter named Kadence- True. For the last three years I served as an elementary school teacher in the diverse and beautiful NYC. I graduated from Columbia University with degrees in English Literature, Creative Writing, and minored in Childhood Education.

Why did I decide to start blogging?

 Besides teaching, starting a blog has always been a passion of mine as I have always loved expressing myself through writing. Three years ago I started a blog that went absolutely no where and then two years later I started another blog that suffered the same fate. However, that was not enough for me to quit. I was (and am) still determined to start a successful blog that helps me connect with and help women find self-confidence and grit.

With this blog I hope to share insightful and helpful information with women who are determined to live their lives with fulfillment and joy, and most importantly, on their own terms. As a product of the NYC foster care system I have always been drawn to those who defy incredible odds. Along with an incredible passion to inspire and encourage people to persevere, I’ve always believed their is more to life than a “good job.”  Starting this blog is my first step to stepping out of my comfort zone and working for myself while helping others in the process.

Here at Be the Ultimate She, I hope to create a safe space where we can explore every aspect of our lives; those that make us special and those holding us back from living our truth. Here, we can ask questions about anything from nail polish to what to politics. You will find testimonials and inspirational quotes to lift your spirits.

With the resources I find and share on this site, I hope women built strength within themselves to be the best She, every day.

The main take away here is for every reader to find the support and courage to live their truth by tuning out the inner and outer noise preventing that. If you want a nice body, find exercises that fit your ability and environment, if you want to learn to build stronger relationships let’s seek the answers together.

Let’s evolve Be the Ultimate She into a supportive platform where women find their voice.

What will I be blogging about?

The content of my blogs will be in a series form. Being your best self takes work and therefore becoming the Ultimate She is just too big of a topic to be explored in a single post.  Some examples of content will include The ultimate body series, The ultimate mind series, and the ultimate spirit series. I decided to break the series up this way because I’ve found that what makes a person feel whole is the fluidity between mind, body, and spirit, although not necessarily in that order. From experience I’ve found that when I start my day feeling good on the outside I get more done (yes, I get decked and donned just to sit in front of my computer, haha), hence the reason I planned to start The Ultimate Body Series first!

What sets me apart from the rest is that I don’t claim to be an expert and I am learning and growing along with my readers. You can trust that I will be open and honest about my experiences in all the content I place here. You can also expect that if you stick with me you will become more confident in the desired areas of your life. If you struggle with self-confidence in any area of your life you should read my blog.

Stay Involved!

 Please stay involved in the discussion. This site is for you. You can leave comments below each post and also send me personal emails if the thought of any form of public speaking frightens you as much as it frightens me. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged! You can contact me by clicking on the contact page from the menu above, or by shooting an email to BeTheUltimateShe@gmail.com.

This is the end of this welcome message but please don’t leave! Read, get involved in the discussion, subscribe, and come back for more.


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