How Pinterest’s 30-Day Workout Plans Eliminate Excuses and Improves Your Self-Esteem

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How Pinterest's 30-Day Workout Plans Eliminates Excuses and Improves Your Self-Esteem

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are the beholder of your body. So how you feel about it matters.

One of the top reasons women have a low self-esteem is because we are not comfortable or happy with our bodies.

This negative self-image prevents us from living our fullest lives and from engaging in things we love to do because we are embarrassed by the way we look. Author Naomi Wolf notes that:

“… If [a woman] is ashamed of her body, its movement will be stilled. If she does not feel entitled to claim attention, she will not demand that airspace to shine in…”

I agree with Naomi, when we aren’t comfortable in our own skin, our movement is stunted from fear of judgment, and our own perceived worthlessness.

Wanting to become an entrepreneur was always a dream of mine. Ideas flowed through my body daily. However, I always found a way to convince myself why I couldn’t be my own boss.

I realized I had a negative self-image. There were many things about myself that I was unhappy with and my body was at the top of the list.

I needed to work out but there was:

  • just no time!
  • I couldn’t afford it.
  • And working out alone was just too hard.


I noticed these fears were not due to  laziness, but were legitimate beliefs as to why I couldn’t make it to the gym: Time, money, and lack of knowledge.


When there’s a will there’s a way. I knew that if I wanted to change my life I needed to change my thinking. I went to Google and looked up “Home workout plans.”

That is where I came across 30-Day Workout Plans on

I thought to myself, “I’ll give it a try, it can’t hurt.”

I printed off a 30-Day full body workout plan from and to my amazement I saw a difference by the end of the first week (see the image below).

How Pinterest's 30-Day Workout Plans Eliminates Excuses and Improves Your Self-EsteemThis was only after week 1!

Below are three reasons Pinterest’s 30-Day-Workout-Plans eliminated my excuses:

1. They are Quick– (eliminates the time excuse)

You can complete a Pinterest 30-Day-Workout Plan in your own living room, bedroom, wherever! Mainly because you don’t need any gym equipment.

While the time it takes to complete a workout varies because the intensity increases, most workouts can be done in under five minutes!

2. 30-Day Workout Plans on Pinterest are Free (eliminates the financial excuse)

Simply Google, “30-Day Workout Plans on Pinterest” and you’ll have thousands of workout plans at your fingertips. Moreover, they are FREE! You can click and print or save the pin to your phone.

Many of us don’t have the finances for a gym membership or for a personal trainer, but with Pinterest workout plans you can have a personal trainer for every problem area you want to target, from abs to booty.

3. They are Doable (eliminates the “it’s-too-hard” excuse)

The genius of 30-Day workout plans is that you will find that they build in difficulty over time. For instance in the 30-day Full Body Workout Plan from I started with 25 squats and by day 15 I was doing 85 squats. Had I been required to start with 85 squats I likely wouldn’t have even started.

Because these workouts increase in difficulty over time, you are able to build strength, and you as you build strength you are able to complete more difficult workout routines!


In Conclusion…

Pinterest allowed me to change my bedroom into my gym and gain personal trainers at the same time. Moreover, I was able to eliminate the three main excuses that prevented me from working towards gaining my ultimate body: money, time, and difficulty.

As my body improved so did my self-esteem.

You can have this too.

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You can try it out for yourself, and when your friends ask you what gym are you going to, you can turn and say, “What gym?”

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