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4 Exercises to Build the Irresistible Booty

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4 exercises to build your booty

Hubby walked by and grabbed my butt as I washed dishes at the kitchen sink.

“I just couldn’t resist,” he said, “Your butt looks amazing!”

I glanced over blushing, and said to myself, “Yes”! because I had finally found a workout routine that is helping to lift my butt.

There’s something depressing about having a not so sexy booty — especially if you all your friends have one and your hubby can’t stop commenting on them when the Real Housewives of Atlanta hit the screen.

Or what about that one time you put on your freak ‘em girl dress on and your droopy booty made it not so freak ‘em. Your sad booty got in the way of a beautiful  night out with your girls, and they all refused to tell  you the truth when you asked, “How does my booty look in this dress.”

Nobody wanted to be the terrible, horrible, no good friend that told you the bad news. Horrifying at the time (seriously, you never want to be in that situation again!!), but when you describe the situation later to yourself, it dawned on you that  you always had the power to make changes in your life to get the booty you desire.

We all want that bubble booty that has hubby drooling at the mouth and unable to resist touching when he walks by. The problem is we don’t know how to get it.

The good news is we can get one in the privacy of our own home, on our own time, and with simple exercises that only take minutes to complete.

That is the precise reason why I l am writing this blog – I am neither a fitness expert nor a butt specialist, what I am is a woman who’s determined, like many of you, to have the booty she wants by any means necessary.

Because my degree is not in fitness, I’ve researched fitness websites and experts, and sites like Pinterest to assist me in finding exercises proven to improve my butt. It is because of the changes I’ve noticed after implementing these exercises that I can’t resist sharing with you. 

The following 4 exercises are ones that helped me see results within just two weeks. So if you’re tired of your sagging booty or just need a few routines to build on the booty you already have, check out this short list.

In this article you will learn four butt exercises that I complete daily, what muscles these exercises target, how to do them, and a short routine you can do to get your butt routine started.

Start building that beautiful booty you always desired today.

1) Donkey Kicks

Whether you are at home, in your office or on vacation, you will love this exercise. Although you are on your knees when doing this exercise, you will find that it is easier on the knees than the traditional squat. Donkey kicks are by far my favorite booty exercise. So, get into position and feel the burn.

Muscles targeted:

Donkey kicks works your core, lower back, legs and butt. Each leg lift tones all three butt muscles — gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus — in both the leg being lifted and the leg used for support.

How to Do it:

Starting on your hands and knees, keeping your core tight, back flat, raise 1 leg and keeping knees at 90 degrees. Push that leg as high as you can in the air and lower it back down slowly, repeat for twelve reps, then switch legs.

Beginning donkey kick routine:

Four sets of 12

2) Lunges

Lunges are another exercise that can be performed in multiple locations because you don’t need equipment. Lunges can be challenging at the start, because of the balance factor, but are very effective in targeting butt muscles. Additionally, this exercise targets multiple muscle groups at once.

Muscles targeted:

The lunge is a lower-body exercise that works several muscle groups at once. The targeted muscles include the glutes in your hips and butt along with the hamstrings and quadriceps in your thighs. The calf muscles in your lower legs, your abdominal muscles and your back muscles act as stabilizers during this exercise.

How to Do it:

Start with your feet shoulder width apart and abs tightened. Take a long step forward, lowering your body until your thigh is at 90 degrees, parallel to the floor. Make sure that your knee is not over your toes.

Beginning lunge routine:

Four sets of 12

3) Squats

Squats, like the previous exercises we’ve discussed, require no equipment. I’ve found that they are the toughest on my knees.

Muscles targeted:

Studies have shown that squats have a positive effect on endogenous testosterone production, which supports muscle growth and maintenance. Squats work the entire lower body, targeting the quadricepshamstringsglutes, and the muscles that make up the calves.

How to Do it:

Start by taking an excessively wide stance. The more your feet are apart, the more you activate your glute muscles and not your quads or the front of thighs. When I first started this routine, I noticed more burn in my quads than my butt, likely because I didn’t have my legs far enough apart.

With your core engaged and your back straight, bend your knees and send your hips backwards, lowering your body as far as you can without compromising your posture.

Rise back to your starting stance, squeezing your butt at the top of the movement. That’s one rep.

Beginning lunge routine:

Aim for 4 sets of 15 reps.

4) Glute bridges or Lying Hip Raises

Glute bridges are also not too stressful on the knees.

Muscles targeted:

Although the bridge is an effective glute-toning exercise, it also works the your core, which includes your rectus abdominuserector spinaehamstrings and adductors. More advanced variations spread the tension a little more by working your hip flexorsquads and obliques.

How to Do it:

Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, place the weight on your pelvic area.

Keeping your core tight, rise your hips up off the floor and thrust them as high into the air as you can, squeezing your butt at the top. Keep shoulders on the ground.

Beginning lunge routine:

Complete 4 sets of 12 reps


In this article we’ve learned 4 popular butt exercises, the muscles they target, how to execute them, and a starting point for a workout routine.

Start your  journey to a freak ‘em girl dress booty today and in no time your significant other won’t be able to keep his hands off  it!

*If you struggle with getting started with a routine, read my blog post on how to use Pinterest to get at home workout routines here.

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Why Every Digital Marketer Should Take the Content Marketing Course With HubSpot

Why is content marketing so important for your online business?

Well because, content marketing is the string that ties your brand, product, and audience together.

Without content, the likelihood of you attracting potential customers to your site, never mind your products, is nearly impossible (trust me I know).

That is why the best thing I could’ve done both personally and for my business was take the Content Marketing Course with HubSpot Academy!


The course teaches you how to look at content in a completely different way: It gets you past looking at content marketing as something that you could do to to looking at content marketing as something you must do because…

The course teaches you that content marketing is the continuous string that ties your brand together.

How does the Content Marketing Course with HubSpot teach you how to tie your brand together?

In the course you learn three important elements. The course teaches you how to:

1. Empower your potential Customers

Content marketing goes hand in hand with the Inbound Marketing Methodology. In Inbound Marketing you learn their philosophy, which is to teach potential customers how to choose for themselves.

The way content marketing does this is by helping customers through their buyer’s journey: from identifying a problem to finding a solution in your products.

2. Build lasting relationships with your customers

Once you are able to close with a customer, you do not stop there. You want to continue to provide content that delights your customer so that you are able to build lasting relationships where customers keep coming back, and pass your services and products on to others. In effect they become promoters of your products.

3. Create valuable content that entertains and educated your customers.

You are only able to empower your customers and build lasting relationships by creating content that entertains and educates them.

I often fell prey to throwing-up in my posts because I found a topic that I liked and wanted to share with the world. But, through the course, I learned that if the information in my posts are not suitable for my buyer personas, in that it engages and teaches your customer, I was wasting time and energy on content that was not helping my brand.should I take the content marketing course with hubspot academy

The Hubspot content marketing course can help you prevent this content creation mistake.

By learning strategies that help you empower, build, and educate your customers, by focusing your writing, you are not only building a fail-proof system for creating content, you are setting your business up for long-term success.

What do you need to do to next?

Take the Content Marketing Course with Hubspot!

The course is priceless both figuratively and literally. Not only is it free, but it affords you the ability to create systems from creating blogs to products that potential customers want to buy.

You will also find that these strategies are timeless and reusable!

If you are interested in becoming a content marketing champion you can begin your journey buy heading over to I take the content marketing course with hubspot academy

Please be aware that while the course is only 3-4 hours long you will need to take a lot of notes to retain all of the information for the certification exam.

But…. no worries! If you are really busy and don’t time to take a million notes I have created a study-guide that I also used on my exam, you can get it here.


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How Pinterest’s 30-Day Workout Plans Eliminate Excuses and Improves Your Self-Esteem

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How Pinterest's 30-Day Workout Plans Eliminates Excuses and Improves Your Self-Esteem

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are the beholder of your body. So how you feel about it matters.

One of the top reasons women have a low self-esteem is because we are not comfortable or happy with our bodies.

This negative self-image prevents us from living our fullest lives and from engaging in things we love to do because we are embarrassed by the way we look. Author Naomi Wolf notes that:

“… If [a woman] is ashamed of her body, its movement will be stilled. If she does not feel entitled to claim attention, she will not demand that airspace to shine in…”

I agree with Naomi, when we aren’t comfortable in our own skin, our movement is stunted from fear of judgment, and our own perceived worthlessness.

Wanting to become an entrepreneur was always a dream of mine. Ideas flowed through my body daily. However, I always found a way to convince myself why I couldn’t be my own boss.

I realized I had a negative self-image. There were many things about myself that I was unhappy with and my body was at the top of the list.

I needed to work out but there was:

  • just no time!
  • I couldn’t afford it.
  • And working out alone was just too hard.


I noticed these fears were not due to  laziness, but were legitimate beliefs as to why I couldn’t make it to the gym: Time, money, and lack of knowledge.


When there’s a will there’s a way. I knew that if I wanted to change my life I needed to change my thinking. I went to Google and looked up “Home workout plans.”

That is where I came across 30-Day Workout Plans on

I thought to myself, “I’ll give it a try, it can’t hurt.”

I printed off a 30-Day full body workout plan from and to my amazement I saw a difference by the end of the first week (see the image below).

How Pinterest's 30-Day Workout Plans Eliminates Excuses and Improves Your Self-EsteemThis was only after week 1!

Below are three reasons Pinterest’s 30-Day-Workout-Plans eliminated my excuses:

1. They are Quick– (eliminates the time excuse)

You can complete a Pinterest 30-Day-Workout Plan in your own living room, bedroom, wherever! Mainly because you don’t need any gym equipment.

While the time it takes to complete a workout varies because the intensity increases, most workouts can be done in under five minutes!

2. 30-Day Workout Plans on Pinterest are Free (eliminates the financial excuse)

Simply Google, “30-Day Workout Plans on Pinterest” and you’ll have thousands of workout plans at your fingertips. Moreover, they are FREE! You can click and print or save the pin to your phone.

Many of us don’t have the finances for a gym membership or for a personal trainer, but with Pinterest workout plans you can have a personal trainer for every problem area you want to target, from abs to booty.

3. They are Doable (eliminates the “it’s-too-hard” excuse)

The genius of 30-Day workout plans is that you will find that they build in difficulty over time. For instance in the 30-day Full Body Workout Plan from I started with 25 squats and by day 15 I was doing 85 squats. Had I been required to start with 85 squats I likely wouldn’t have even started.

Because these workouts increase in difficulty over time, you are able to build strength, and you as you build strength you are able to complete more difficult workout routines!


In Conclusion…

Pinterest allowed me to change my bedroom into my gym and gain personal trainers at the same time. Moreover, I was able to eliminate the three main excuses that prevented me from working towards gaining my ultimate body: money, time, and difficulty.

As my body improved so did my self-esteem.

You can have this too.

If you found this article helpful please click here and subscribe to receive the latest updates, and to get a copy of my free ebook of “30-30-Day work out plans from Pinterest” I am putting together just for you!

You can try it out for yourself, and when your friends ask you what gym are you going to, you can turn and say, “What gym?”


Welcome to Be The Ultimate She Where Big Girls Make Noise

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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tawanna and I was born and raised (mainly) in Brooklyn, NY. I am a wife and a mother of a handsome thirteen year old son, Jameer, and a beautiful six-year-old daughter named Kadence- True. For the last three years I served as an elementary school teacher in the diverse and beautiful NYC. I graduated from Columbia University with degrees in English Literature, Creative Writing, and minored in Childhood Education.

Why did I decide to start blogging?

 Besides teaching, starting a blog has always been a passion of mine as I have always loved expressing myself through writing. Three years ago I started a blog that went absolutely no where and then two years later I started another blog that suffered the same fate. However, that was not enough for me to quit. I was (and am) still determined to start a successful blog that helps me connect with and help women find self-confidence and grit.

With this blog I hope to share insightful and helpful information with women who are determined to live their lives with fulfillment and joy, and most importantly, on their own terms. As a product of the NYC foster care system I have always been drawn to those who defy incredible odds. Along with an incredible passion to inspire and encourage people to persevere, I’ve always believed their is more to life than a “good job.”  Starting this blog is my first step to stepping out of my comfort zone and working for myself while helping others in the process.

Here at Be the Ultimate She, I hope to create a safe space where we can explore every aspect of our lives; those that make us special and those holding us back from living our truth. Here, we can ask questions about anything from nail polish to what to politics. You will find testimonials and inspirational quotes to lift your spirits.

With the resources I find and share on this site, I hope women built strength within themselves to be the best She, every day.

The main take away here is for every reader to find the support and courage to live their truth by tuning out the inner and outer noise preventing that. If you want a nice body, find exercises that fit your ability and environment, if you want to learn to build stronger relationships let’s seek the answers together.

Let’s evolve Be the Ultimate She into a supportive platform where women find their voice.

What will I be blogging about?

The content of my blogs will be in a series form. Being your best self takes work and therefore becoming the Ultimate She is just too big of a topic to be explored in a single post.  Some examples of content will include The ultimate body series, The ultimate mind series, and the ultimate spirit series. I decided to break the series up this way because I’ve found that what makes a person feel whole is the fluidity between mind, body, and spirit, although not necessarily in that order. From experience I’ve found that when I start my day feeling good on the outside I get more done (yes, I get decked and donned just to sit in front of my computer, haha), hence the reason I planned to start The Ultimate Body Series first!

What sets me apart from the rest is that I don’t claim to be an expert and I am learning and growing along with my readers. You can trust that I will be open and honest about my experiences in all the content I place here. You can also expect that if you stick with me you will become more confident in the desired areas of your life. If you struggle with self-confidence in any area of your life you should read my blog.

Stay Involved!

 Please stay involved in the discussion. This site is for you. You can leave comments below each post and also send me personal emails if the thought of any form of public speaking frightens you as much as it frightens me. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged! You can contact me by clicking on the contact page from the menu above, or by shooting an email to

This is the end of this welcome message but please don’t leave! Read, get involved in the discussion, subscribe, and come back for more.