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Why Every Digital Marketer Should Take the Content Marketing Course With HubSpot

Why is content marketing so important for your online business?

Well because, content marketing is the string that ties your brand, product, and audience together.

Without content, the likelihood of you attracting potential customers to your site, never mind your products, is nearly impossible (trust me I know).

That is why the best thing I could’ve done both personally and for my business was take the Content Marketing Course with HubSpot Academy!


The course teaches you how to look at content in a completely different way: It gets you past looking at content marketing as something that you could do to to looking at content marketing as something you must do because…

The course teaches you that content marketing is the continuous string that ties your brand together.

How does the Content Marketing Course with HubSpot teach you how to tie your brand together?

In the course you learn three important elements. The course teaches you how to:

1. Empower your potential Customers

Content marketing goes hand in hand with the Inbound Marketing Methodology. In Inbound Marketing you learn their philosophy, which is to teach potential customers how to choose for themselves.

The way content marketing does this is by helping customers through their buyer’s journey: from identifying a problem to finding a solution in your products.

2. Build lasting relationships with your customers

Once you are able to close with a customer, you do not stop there. You want to continue to provide content that delights your customer so that you are able to build lasting relationships where customers keep coming back, and pass your services and products on to others. In effect they become promoters of your products.

3. Create valuable content that entertains and educated your customers.

You are only able to empower your customers and build lasting relationships by creating content that entertains and educates them.

I often fell prey to throwing-up in my posts because I found a topic that I liked and wanted to share with the world. But, through the course, I learned that if the information in my posts are not suitable for my buyer personas, in that it engages and teaches your customer, I was wasting time and energy on content that was not helping my brand.should I take the content marketing course with hubspot academy

The Hubspot content marketing course can help you prevent this content creation mistake.

By learning strategies that help you empower, build, and educate your customers, by focusing your writing, you are not only building a fail-proof system for creating content, you are setting your business up for long-term success.

What do you need to do to next?

Take the Content Marketing Course with Hubspot!

The course is priceless both figuratively and literally. Not only is it free, but it affords you the ability to create systems from creating blogs to products that potential customers want to buy.

You will also find that these strategies are timeless and reusable!

If you are interested in becoming a content marketing champion you can begin your journey buy heading over to www.hubspot.com.should I take the content marketing course with hubspot academy

Please be aware that while the course is only 3-4 hours long you will need to take a lot of notes to retain all of the information for the certification exam.

But…. no worries! If you are really busy and don’t time to take a million notes I have created a study-guide that I also used on my exam, you can get it here.


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